10 explanations about the behavior of strange cats

1. Box Love

Our cats are some rather strange creatures, but one of their most meme-worthy habits is their desire to sit in small rooms, especially in cardboard boxes. We think it’s adorable, but for your cat lover, it’s more than sweet.

Researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands were as perplexed as the rest of us and decided to target cats as they took the day off to cure the worst diseases. They found that if the cat gets stuck in a small space, it may be able to cope with Stress. When a cat is locked in its 4 walls, it may tend to feel a sense of security and warmth that helps to calm it down.

2. Some time alone

Have you ever wanted to play or cuddle with your cat just to get a cold shoulder? While you may initially believe that your cat simply does not perceive the environment, researchers at the University of Tokyo have found that something more rowing is going on. In a study with 20 domesticated cats, the researchers found that about 30% of the Cats studied essentially ignored those who called them.

So don’t worry, your Can is probably not a complete jerk and may only suffer from behavior that is deeply rooted in its development

3. Cat-tension

Of course, for every time your cat decides to ignore you, there are probably many cases where she decides to throw her furry, overgrown body in the middle of her Laptop. Sure, your Computer is a worm and fits perfectly with your kitten’s body, but maybe there’s another reason why he chose this very place.

One of the most popular reasons for this intrusive behavior is that your little family member is looking for attention. There is a good chance that your cat will sit on anything you play around with, even something as small as a piece of paper.

4. The Kitty Sprint.

Unless you’re new to the Interwebs, you’ve probably seen one or two Videos of cats randomly sprinting to no particular destination. Now, as you sit there and assess your mental state, you can actually orient yourself to this four-legged, frenzied Fluffball.

One of the most common reasons for a random outbreak is the need to release energy. Instinctively, cats are programmed to hunt and hunt their meals, and since the domesticated domestic cat gets her meals delivered by Hand, she has built up a store of energy and no small animals to expel them on. If your cat is compulsively scratching and grooming, this may show signs of hyperesthesia syndrome.

5. Everything is food

If you find inedible items nearby that show traces of kitten teeth, this can actually lead to a so-called Pica or the urge to eat non-Food items.

While Pica is not necessarily dangerous for cats, it is always best to see a veterinarian first if you observe them chewing on unexpected objects. Additional causes of this strange behavior can be malnutrition, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even cat leukemia or cat immune deficiency virus. If it’s just Pica, it can be easy to remove what your cat is chewing on and pay more attention to it.

6. Unwanted Gifts

If a friend of yours brings a dead mouse to your door, immediately call the police or reach for two forks and some Butter, depending on what kind of friend you have. But if your cat does, you are disgusted, but should also flutter a little. You see, cats don’t deliver dead animals to anyone.

They are instinctive beings who still respond to nature’s need to hunt, and where there is dinner, who better to share it with than the family? That’s right if your cat brings a deceased bird or rodent, it simply provides your family with the food it needs to survive. Whether you eat this diet or not is entirely up to you

7. Kitty Headbutt

There are several reasons why your cat has a tendency to hit its head against hers, and self-defense is not one of them. If your cat involves you in a slight headbutt, either against your chin, your cheek, or against the thickness of your own skull, it does what is known as Ammer and absorbing.

Cat Bunting is known as a social reaction and a means to transfer the scent of the many scent glands to you and to further consolidate your place as a family member or just to scratch at you.

8. Kitty Kisses

Kitten kisses are just another means for this adorable fluff to tell you that you like them. However, Kitty kisses are not what you think and actually affect the cat’s eyes. Yes, these adorable, beautiful, creepy, lifeless eyes are meant to help your cat express itself.

While a slow blink and a varied, relaxed face look like it’s preparing for the day, what can really happen is that your fluff shows you affection. These cat kisses are a common sign between cats and their family.

9. Cat Chat Fever

They were lounging around one day enjoying their silence when suddenly they heard this strange chatter from a corner of their house. Your thoughts may wander to something sinister in your home, as if you were from another world, but you can just put that silliness back.

What you actually hear is your cat, which experts believe may be frustrated that it cannot catch any visible prey. Another far more cruel theory suggests that rattling is the reflex movement associated with your cat’s instinct to bite the neck of prayer.

10. Cat mischief

Let’s face it, your cat can be a handful, especially if it decides to just accidentally knock over its best possessions. Not only is it a big cat-like jerk, but it’s also believed that your furry friend only practices his hunting strategies, especially when he’s playing with his prey before killing them.

If your cat learns your environment, it will probably test some of your belongings to see if you are trying to sneak away and have a good hunt. Although cats eventually learn that this is not the case, they also find that throwing objects over causes a different reaction – the presence of their human companion. If you notice that your cat often knocks over many of your things, try paying a little attention to it.


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